Week May18th

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We have had the rules night on Tuesday a great time was had some rules clarified for some, so thanks to Nick for organising the evening. Wednesday saw quite a few boats outwirth a couple of beginners crewing for Jeanette  and Dave H hopefully we will see them again next Wednesday ,why not come on a Sunday where one of the races follows the same format as Wednesdays so great for beginners Friday night will be youth training. See you all on Sunday hopefully. Gresford Sailing Club at the Flash

So Sunday saw 5 Boats out with Dave T and Zara T winning all races,no suprise there, so those of you who want some competition come to Sunday racing! also trying hard to keep up were Shan in her Mirror,the 2 Pauls S & B in the GP ,Dave H in his GP and  Dave T all on his own in his Solo.

Thanks to Gareth for stepping in to cover for Charlie as OOD as Charlie is still not well, get better soon we need you at the Flash to crew for Shan and get her back in her Enterprise.

If you are a beginner and want to learn then why not crew for someone all you have to do is ask people are always willing to help.

Finally thanks to Barrie F from the model boats for mowing the car park and entrance,just shows if we all work together then we can all have a nice place to meet and sail.

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