BART’S BASH At The Flash

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Well well well what a day we had a great turnout for Bart’s Bash with quite a feew boats staying on to do the afternoon racing.

Last year we had 22 boats and 24 sailors this year we had 20 boats and 28 sailors,so an improvement on last year I hope you will agree.

It was good for us to have the entire club represented at the Bash with people who normally only social sail to some faces we only see occasionally,it was good for us to have some of the members from the Model Boats coming along to show us how it is done from the bank side.

The overall winner in the senior class was Shan in her Mirror and Holly in the club Laser Radial just shows you don’talways need the fastest boat to win! Well done.

It was great to see so many of the club out together and would be good to see this more often and if anybody has any thoughts on the way to do this please contact either myself or Shan.

Remember the Flash is one of the few clubs that you can watch the whole race from the bank while you enjoy your cup of tea so please continue to support events at the Flash.

see you all soon.


Model Boat’s at Barts 2015
barts bash 2015
GSC gang at Bart’s Bash 2015


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