The Frostbite

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wpid-wp-1446336975106.jpgWell it’s Frostbite time again why not come and join this 7 week series.
Normally this is all sailors against each other from beginners to experienced, however this year we are running two prizes.
1/Same as usual winner takes home the Frostbite cup.
2/ Rookies prize, this is open to all GSC members who are either under 18 or adults who have started in the last two seasons but have not won any GSC prizes.
So even though Rookies are sailing along side experienced sailors they get their own results (but they are still in with a chance of winning the main trophy if they beat everyone)
We are trying this to see if it will encourage sailors who feel they cannot beat the experienced sailors and if successful it might be run in this format throughout the racing calendar.
So come on and support YOUR club let’s see how many we can get into the series.
I hope all this makes sense, if not either ask me or otherwise the race officer will explain it all including course,starting and finishing etc before the race
See you there
Starts 11 am November 1st

One thought on “The Frostbite

    Jeanette said:
    Nov 2, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    What a great days sailing. Great to be enjoying the outdoors on such a beautiful day in November. Looking forward to next Sunday!


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