Frostbite week 2

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We started the day with light winds but it picked up for race 2,we saw 9 booats out on the water 4 of them in the Rookie class let,s see if we can keep these numbers going.

Shan proved that you don,t have to have a fancy new boat,taking two wins in her Mirror in the senior race,while David  J won both Rookie races in the club Laser followed by Cristian C andMolly P with 2 seconds and then Mark R in 3rd and Kacy R andKatie C in 4th.

This looks like a good start for the Rookie class so let’s see what we can make of it.

Simon J put on a good show for us in his new Laser demonstating very well the capsize recovery technique and just to show how sporting he is he repeated 3 times for those that missed it the first time.


See you all next week.

Jeanette and Dave maybe come early and get some practice in!

One thought on “Frostbite week 2

    Jeanette said:
    Nov 9, 2015 at 8:16 am

    Great day sailing with different conditions from race 1 to race 2. Simon wasn’t the only one to capsize, Shan’s boat and mine capsized on the jetty. Good advice Dave for us to get down earlier to practise, although any earlier and we’ll be seeing stars like somebody else did! Hope you haven’t dented the boom.

    Looking forward to next week X


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