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Annual Dinner

Please click on the link for details

GSC dinner 2017

November 18th 2017

Wrexham Golf Club 6.30pm

Contact the secretary for more details



FrostBite series 

7 days 13 races

7 races to count

11.00 am start

First race Octoberrrr 29th

Last race December 10th

2 races per day Except the last one where there is only 1 race followed by Christmas carols

-Sailing Programme


Individual Handicap, race start time 7.00 pm.

A 50 minute individual pursuit race. Starting times dependent on ability and boat you are helming. A great race to become involved with, beginners having clear wind to start and get to know the course before the bigger boats and more experienced sailors catch up. The handicaps are designed so that we all finish the race close together.

Sunday, morning – Singlehanded-

Single handed series. 2 races in the morning

first race starts at 11 a.m.

Handicap races which are open to any type of boat being sailed independently.



Sunday afternoon –

Early Summer Series – 3 races, first race starts at 2.00pm

Please note the first race is an individual pursuit race over 40 minutes

and is ideal for beginnersmarch 1 as you would probably start on zero whilst the more experienced sailors may start 15 minutes later. We don’t expect everyone to sail all afternoon you can join in as much as you want.

The second and 3rd races are handicap races and usually last between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the boat. Everyone starts together, sail the same course and the handicap is worked out at the end of the race depending on the boat sailed. If you’re in a small boat, like a Mirror don’t give up when you see the big boats going in for tea, on handicap you may have beaten everyone! .



.march 4

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