Sunday Sailing

Frostbite week 2

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We started the day with light winds but it picked up for race 2,we saw 9 booats out on the water 4 of them in the Rookie class let,s see if we can keep these numbers going.

Shan proved that you don,t have to have a fancy new boat,taking two wins in her Mirror in the senior race,while David  J won both Rookie races in the club Laser followed by Cristian C andMolly P with 2 seconds and then Mark R in 3rd and Kacy R andKatie C in 4th.

This looks like a good start for the Rookie class so let’s see what we can make of it.

Simon J put on a good show for us in his new Laser demonstating very well the capsize recovery technique and just to show how sporting he is he repeated 3 times for those that missed it the first time.


See you all next week.

Jeanette and Dave maybe come early and get some practice in!

Annual dinner

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Hi everyone the annual get together is nearly upon us if you wouls like details please click the link below and we hope to see you all there everybody is welcome from all sections  of the club

GSC annual dinner details

Frostbite week1

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The first week of the Frostbite saw 6 boats out in calm winds we had 4 boats in the Rookies.

So 2 races done with another 11 to go so still plenty of competing time, remember if you are a Rookie you are not only competing for the Frostbite cup but also the Rookies prize( so you only need to beat all the other Rookies for the Rookies prize).Let’s see how many sailors experienced and Learners(Rookie)competing in the last race series of the year.

Jeanette and Dave will need to get quicker if they want to lift the trophy, so more experienced sailorsrequired to give them a bit of serious competition.

See you all this Thursday for Bonfire night.

The Frostbite

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wpid-wp-1446336975106.jpgWell it’s Frostbite time again why not come and join this 7 week series.
Normally this is all sailors against each other from beginners to experienced, however this year we are running two prizes.
1/Same as usual winner takes home the Frostbite cup.
2/ Rookies prize, this is open to all GSC members who are either under 18 or adults who have started in the last two seasons but have not won any GSC prizes.
So even though Rookies are sailing along side experienced sailors they get their own results (but they are still in with a chance of winning the main trophy if they beat everyone)
We are trying this to see if it will encourage sailors who feel they cannot beat the experienced sailors and if successful it might be run in this format throughout the racing calendar.
So come on and support YOUR club let’s see how many we can get into the series.
I hope all this makes sense, if not either ask me or otherwise the race officer will explain it all including course,starting and finishing etc before the race
See you there
Starts 11 am November 1st

Enterprise & GP open

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Hi all on Sunday 27 September we have the joint open day for the Enterprise and the GP’s, so if you you can make it we want as many on the water as possible to make it interesting for all concerned especially the race officer  if you want to crew then contact me and I will see if there is any one available to sail with you.

If you are not sailing then why not come down anyway and have a cup of tea and watch the racing from the shore,this is one of the few clubs that you can watch the whole race from the comfort of the clubhouse.

Racing starts at 2pm 3 races may the best team win.see you all there.DSC_0595


BART’S BASH At The Flash

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Well well well what a day we had a great turnout for Bart’s Bash with quite a feew boats staying on to do the afternoon racing.

Last year we had 22 boats and 24 sailors this year we had 20 boats and 28 sailors,so an improvement on last year I hope you will agree.

It was good for us to have the entire club represented at the Bash with people who normally only social sail to some faces we only see occasionally,it was good for us to have some of the members from the Model Boats coming along to show us how it is done from the bank side.

The overall winner in the senior class was Shan in her Mirror and Holly in the club Laser Radial just shows you don’talways need the fastest boat to win! Well done.

It was great to see so many of the club out together and would be good to see this more often and if anybody has any thoughts on the way to do this please contact either myself or Shan.

Remember the Flash is one of the few clubs that you can watch the whole race from the bank while you enjoy your cup of tea so please continue to support events at the Flash.

see you all soon.


Model Boat’s at Barts 2015
barts bash 2015
GSC gang at Bart’s Bash 2015


Week sept 14th

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Well Wednesdays have finished,guess we will all have to do Sunday’s now,this Sunday we have the annual Bart’s Bash at the Flash last year we managed 23 boats on the water,let’s see how many we can get this year,if you are coming for the Bart’s then why not come down early with your picnic the model boats will be showing us how it’s done at 12.00 then Bart’s at 1.00 then president’s plate at 2 .00 (maybe a little late depends how things go).

See you all Sunday let’s show ourselves that we really are a true all round family club.

If you need any information please do not hesitate to contact us or