Sunday Sailing

Weekend 16th August

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Well Sunday sailing 2 boats out
Where is everyone, why don’t you sail on a Sunday please let us know.
Anyway thanks to kath and gwyl for being race officers.
A big well done for one of our juniors Elin J in a club Feva who won the last race. See you all soon.

New doors

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Wow new doors fitted to the clubhouse to replace the very tired wooden ones now nearly all doors and windows match.

Thanks to Nick and Simon for organising and fitting the doors great job guys.

Now you can see you’re boat whether it on the water or in the boat Park from inside the clubhouse.

As you will see the threshold has been kept to a minimum to enable access for everyone




Sunday Sailing

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Hi everyone, something for you to think about

Sunday racing and what is the problem with the lack of sailors young and mature,now this is not just a  problem at Gresford many clubs have a similar issue,(we have sent an email to all members of Gsc to ask their opinions on the matter so please respond to it).

Could it be sailing is not a popular sport anymore?,I don’t think so, if you look at the youth section of many clubs they are thriving.

Could it be there is so many different things to do at the weekend,yet football and golf have both been around as long as sailing and are as popular as ever,so it has to be something else bit what if anyone can offer any kind of answer maybe all clubs could benefit.

Maybe inter club localcompetitions could be held as a series,maybe between the youth section or as senior  and juniors together (so it can be a family thing)  but two separate series,held at all participating clubs.

Anyway if anybody is afraid of entering a race due to the highly experienced and no quarter given attitude then at Gresford (and I am sure at many other clubs) they could not be more wrong there are always people willing to assist with advise and assistance as well as being very tolerant of learners (maybe we need L plates)so please don’t be shy come and sail you will be amazed how quick you will pick things up.

If you have any comments even if not a Gresford Saiiling Club member please do so via this website all comments good or indifferent are welcome.

Let’s get those boats out onto the water wherever it maybe.

Week July 21st

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Hi all sorry for the odd dates,anyway Wednesday saw 9 boats out it was good to have people out who have not been for a while Jim Y took the club Laser out ( which any member can do) after along break with a back problem I hope you keep getting better and Stewart who has not sailed with us for more than 20 years was persuaded to helm for Shan and had a good race,Jeanette of course won again,well done watch that handicap!.
Why not come down on Sunday and give them a race in the sunshine (hopefully)
See you all soon for more fun and good sailing at the Flash.

Well Nick came down using Paul S, s solo advantage to challenge Stewart and Shan in the Enterprise and he won despite a good battle.

2 boats eh!!!!!


Gresford Sailing Club at the Flash

Week July 19th

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Well another week over Wednesday as usual was well attended with Sunday seeing just 4 boats out reduced to 3 after a gust caught Alan R out at the start a win for Dave H in the last race, well done.

If you want to see what’s going on so you arrange your time around the sailing at the Flash then check out the calendar, it also shows the OOD for the day.
Happy sailing

Gresford Sailing Club at the Flash


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Congratulations to Naomi and Gareth who are now the proud parents of a baby son born July 2nd 10lb 4oz Dafydd Bryn.

I am sure all the club members are looking forward to meeting him ,again congratulations.

Open Day at The Flash

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Open Day at The Flash this Sunday July 5th


All welcome members and non members,come down for a chat and a cup of tea and see what goes on.

We will have sailing boats that can take you for a sail on the lake,no experience required,we will also have the sailability boats there which are aimed at people with disabilities,the Model boats will be there showing various types of model boats powered and sailing also the Model Engineers who are baased at the Pant Yr Ochain will be there showing their steam power off.

We are there all day so why not pop down for a look.

If you want any information please contact via our contact page  contact us