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The Open Yacht Race (Model Boats)

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Here is  something from our model boats section always well attended taken from Barries newsletter

A good day if a little chilly, a definite feel of Autumn in the air.
Two of the comps got under way and i have a sneaky feeling
the members enjoyed the experience. First off was the round
the lake challenge, this started at marker number two then on
around the lake in your choice of rotation back to marker two .
then around the marker for a circuit in the opposite direction
and back to the the number two marker for the final circuit in
the original direction then back to marker two.
​Bob was home first to claim the bottle of wine.

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The Open Yacht Race

The opportunity to run the open yacht race was taken back in August with eight yachts entered the race was for three full laps around the agreed course.

1st Roger    2nd Bob    3rd Keith

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One interesting point to come out of the yacht racing, the
Dragon Flight 95 appears to be the dominant speed yacht
on the lake on the lake challenged on the day by Bobs home
built. Not sure if bob designed the yacht or if he built it from
a plan. No Marbleheads or IOM were running  in the events
to make a challenge, although Bill did get get in the fray with
his Laser but didn’t match the Dragons for speed.model boats 7